"You can't escape and you can't hide ... the coalition will find you and bring you to justice,"

US Marines left a message for the bad guys in Fallujah. The leaflets were left behind after a punitive sweep through the town which followed an attack on a humvee with a rocket propelled grenade.

"Residents angrily vowed revenge, saying Friday's casualties were caused by Marine reprisals for an insurgent strike on a supply convoy that took out a Humvee with a rocket-propelled grenade. 'For each one who is killed, we will get 10 American soldiers,' said Abu Mujahid, 35, taunting the fresh Marine forces as 'cartoon characters.'

So for the tally is "cartoon characters" lost one and bad guys lost betwen 7 and 15 depending on which story you read. It will take more than bluster to get the Marines out of town. There may be many more black mourning banners in town before it is over.

The Marines had another message for the town and area, "Those who seek to impede the freedom, prosperity and progress of the al Anbar residents are being physically challenged. Among those, some have chosen to fight. Having elected their fate, they are being engaged and destroyed."


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