Clarke tried to mislead commission on his 2000 vote

Real Clear Politics:

"Sunday on Meet the Press:

"Russert: Did you vote for George Bush in 2000?

"Clarke: No I did not.

"Russert: Did you vote for Al Gore?

"Clarke: Yes I did.

"Wednesday Before the 9/11 Commission: Clarke:

"Let me talk about partisanship here, since you raise it. I've been accused of being a member of John Kerry's campaign team several times this week, including by the White House. So let's just lay that one to bed. I'm not working for the Kerry campaign. Last time I had to declare my party loyalty, it was to vote in the Virginia primary for president of the United States in the year 2000. And I asked for a Republican ballot. "

"RCP: Clarke's statement before the 9/11 Commission was designed to leave the impression that he voted for George Bush in 2000, thereby innoculating himself against charges of partisanship. Turns out it was just another well played effort at misleading the public."

Deceitful conduct Mr. Clarke. What else were you trying to deceive us about?


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