Anger at betrayel of Clarke

Richard Clarke has been hanging out at Harvard long enough to convince himself that he is a "new patriot." He has also convinced himself tht he is just a victim of the "Republican attack machine."

He is wrong on both points. He is under assualt because he is trying to help the Democrat attack machine destroy something that is good. In eight years of failure he finds virtue. In eight months of trying to come up with a better policy he finds a lack of urgency. The man was clearly a failure in his real job. Now he is trying to profit from that failure by attacking those who picked up the pieces, literally, and went on to do something about the problem he was not able to deal with. He is trying to help the incompetent Democrats regain power so they can put their failed policies back in place.

Democrats today are in much the same place they were when their failed Vietnam strategy was exposed. They are flailing around trying to find someone else to blame. These guys never understood why their policy failed in Vietnam, because they were never willing to accept responsibility for their failure. They were always looking for a scapegoat. That is one thing that has still not changed about liberal Democrats. It is always easier to blame someone else than accept responsibility/

Recently John Kerry showed his ignorance about the Vietnam War, which he will not hesitate to tell you he "fought" in, by calling it "Nixon's War." Really. The war started by Democrats John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson was "Nixon's War." Of course, Kerry would never acknowledge that even after Nixon became President, Liberal Democrats in congress still prevented the implementation of an effective strategy. That had a hissy fit whenever Nixon attempted anything that might lead to a victory. Liberal democrats were intent on protecting communist sanctuaries in Cambodia, Laos and North Vietnam.

Kerry's latest ad shows him in his own home tape walking around in the "jungle" of Vietnam. He is not seen on his Swift boat where he was stationed, but walking around in the jungle like he was a real soldier on patrol. How many times did he do that when no cameras were around?


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