WaPo tries to cover for Clarke by claiming Rice is inconsistant

Walter Pincus and Dana Milbank missed teh story about the substantive contradictions in Dick Clarke's testimony and focused on minor inconsistancies in Condi Rice's response.

It is one of the more blantant pieces of media bias on the Clarke story. One no doubt that will not be trumpted by media critic Howard Kurtz who still is having trouble with Fox News revealing the truth about Clarke's past inconsistant statements. These guys miss the fact that Clarke's inconsistancies go to the heart of his charges against the Bush administration. But since they are really on his side, that is not surprising. Milbank has lost all objectivity when it comes to writing about President Bush. He needs to be given an opinion column or moved to another beat.

Mike Allen another WaPo writer was assigned a story about the White House counterattack, that ignors the substance of the charges an focuses on the fact that the White House is resisting being slimed by Clarke. It appears that the Post has an agenda to defend Clarke and attack the White House.


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