The Profits of war

The Mudville Gazette:

"Has anyone considered that Clarke now stands to make a tidy cash profit from 911? That his professional failures contributed as much as any American's to the events of that day? Given the information that has come to light he can hardly be accused of 'trying to set the record straight.' Clearly he has other motives. If not an outright campaign year attack on the administration, then what (besides the personal profit motive) compels this man?

"Further, (and this speaks to Clarke's book and much of the current 'investigation' into the events leading to 911) to obscure an investigation of this magnitude, to detour (or de-rail) an inquiry of this importance for political gain, seems reprehensible at best and more likely criminal. This is not 'politics at its worst' - this is the absolute failure of our system, and it's inexcusable. The pre-911 failures may have been monumental blunders (made by many) but there was no malicious intent on the part of anyone not expecting a reward of 72 virgins.

"Can the same be said of our current events?

"I'm reminded of the studies of the structural soundness of the World Trade Center. Did builders cut corners? Did Asbestos-phobia lead to the fall of the towers?

"No, planes full of fanatics and innocent victims flew into them and gravity did the rest.

"But there is much money to be made from the tragedy of September 11, and certainly easier ways to do it than to drill into the sands of Iraq....


"What else can a failed 'terrorism expert' do in this day of a near-fully realized Global War on Terror?

"Which brings us back to our point. Political capital is capital after all. Political profit is profit. And war profiteering is thriving in the halls of congress today. "


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