Ship with 680 tons of explosives captured by Greeks was way off course

Why would cargo boarded in Tunesia and headed for Sudan be on a ship wandering around between Turkey and Greece?

"...Baltic Sky had left Albania on April 22 on its way to Gabes, Tunisia, where it picked up the cargo on May 12.

"It then sailed around the Mediterranean where it had been spotted by Turkish officials near the Dardanelles.

"Greek authorities began tracking the vessel during the past five days before launching the raid Sunday.

"Rear Adm. George Papachristodoulou of the Greek Coast Guard officials wanted to know what the ship was doing in the waters between Turkey and Greece when it was supposed to be delivering its cargo.

"The 37-year-old cargo ship, owned by Alpha Shipping, had been sailing under a flag of convenience from Comoros, off Africa's southeast coast. Alpha is registered in the Marshall Islands, a Pacific Ocean nation.

"Baltic Sky was escorted by the Greek coastguard to the commercial port of Playiyali on the Greek west coast.

"While it was not unusual for cargo ships to carry explosives, this quantity was 'extremely rare,' said Merchant Marines spokesman Panayotis Tsianos."


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