The Carter legacy in Iran and Afghanistan

President Carter saw two huge foreign policy failures on his watch right next door to each other. In Iran he did nothing to keep the Shah of Iran from being overthrown by people who hate the US. Since that time Iran has sponsored terror attacks against the US and Israel and generally made trouble in the middle east. The Iranian regime currently stirs trouble several ways.

"...The Islamic regime collaborates with terrorist organizations like Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, and assists them in their murderous operations through financing, weapons transfers, intelligence sharing, and other measures. These groups disrupt efforts to craft a peace settlement that allows Israel and an independent Palestinian state to live side by side. The current effort on the part of the Bush administration to bring about a comprehensive solution to the Arab-Israeli peace process will benefit from a change in Iran.

"Iran's apparent pursuit of a nuclear program - a pursuit that has drawn the attention and concern of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - is another reason for the administration to work aggressively for a change in the policies and regime in Iran. With its huge oil and natural gas deposits, there is no reason for Iran to pursue a nuclear program, unless the country wishes to acquire a nuclear weapons program. Such a program would pose a severe risk to American national security, and to the security of the international community."

In Afghanistan, the US is attempting to rebuild the country after the failed Soviet occupation and the terrorism of the Taliban, that permitted the training of the 9-11 killers.

Over 20 years after Carter left office, the US is still having to clean up ssome of the mess he left.


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