UK Army disputes BBC version of facts

"ARMY chiefs last night joined the attack on the BBC over its accuracy in reporting the war in Iraq, accusing it of painting a distorted picture of the British campaign."

"Senior figures in the army are furious about the BBC’s coverage, which they say bears no relation to events on the ground. They are particularly angry about suggestions in a BBC documentary, broadcast on Sunday night, that the army embellished reports of a militia attack on Iraqi citizens for propaganda purposes.

"The row comes at an awkward moment for the BBC, which has been embroiled in a bitter dispute with Alastair Campbell, the Downing Street communications director. The BBC had accused Mr Campbell of spinning an intelligence report to improve the government’s case for going to war, but he looks set to be cleared of those accusations by a Commons inquiry...."

"The row has once again raised questions about the BBC’s coverage of the war highlighted by Mr Campbell when he appeared before the Commons foreign affairs select committee last week. 'When you are dealing with the BBC, I am afraid they just will not admit that they can get things wrong,' he said. 'If that is BBC journalism, then God help us.'"


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