Poll measures world's irrational fear of US

Paranoia over the use of force by the US is reflected in a poll showing many in the world fear the US more than North Korea.

Actually North Korea is a threat mainly to South Korea, Japan and the US, so it is not surprising tht people in other parts of the world would not feel particularly threatened by tht bizaar government. The fear of the US is mainly a fear of power and not based on any threat the US poses to those countries. It is a realization that if the US decided their country was a threat, there is very little they could do stop the US use of force against them. That people have this fear, notwithstanding, a complete lack of threat from the US is irrational. It shows a lack of understanding of how the US chooses to use force.

The fact of the matter is, that the US does not want to use force in any country, and does so reluctantly when it feels its national security is threatened. For example, if North Korea had no nuclear program, the US would have no interest in the area. North Korea is doing far worse damage to itself and its people than the US would ever think of doing. The US does not even need to make economic warfare on the hermit kingdom, because the country is still in the grip of a communist system that is producing more starvation than progress. North Korea has turned itself into a basket case without any assistance from the US.


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