The real reason there is no Palestinian-Israeli agreement

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday accused right-wing Israelis of deliberately thwarting efforts to broker a peace deal with the Palestinians.

In unusually stark terms, Washington's top diplomat warned that Israeli settlement building was undermining any hope of an agreement to allow two states to live side-by-side.

At the Saban Forum, an annual gathering of senior Israeli and US policymakers, Kerry said some members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government had made "profoundly disturbing" statements.

"And more than 50 percent of the ministers in the current government have publicly stated they are opposed to a Palestinian state and that there will be no Palestinian state," he said.

Earlier in the day, Netanyahu had addressed the forum via video link, arguing that Israeli settlement building was not an obstacle to peace.

Israel was ready for talks with no preconditions, he said, urging Arab governments to recognize the state of Israel.
Kerry puts too much focus on the settlements and misses the real problem.  The Palestinians have nothing of value to offer the Israelis for a deal.  They are constitutionally unable to offer peace because there are too many Palestinians who do not want it under any circumstance.

Hamas wants destroy Israel not make a deal.  There are other factions who still want to pursue genocide against the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority is either unable or unwilling to suppress them.  This stems from the ethnic and religious bigotry of many of the Palestinians who live in the territories.


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