The CIA is changing its rationale on the Russian hacks

Washington Post:
CIA assessed that Russia hack targeted Democrats more than Republicans, U.S. officials say

The lack of a corresponding Republican trove has contributed to the CIA assessment, reported by The Washington Post, that Russia was seeking to elect Donald Trump and not merely to disrupt last month’s presidential election.
This new story also appears to be misleading.First, the Post does not state in the headline or the lead that the CIA is backing off of its original statement that the RNC was hacked and the material was not used.

I believe the record will show that attempts were made to hack the Republicans  but were not successful.  Secondly, some Republican operatives were hacked, but their material was too boring for the media to show any interests.

The Post needs to do a better job of trying for balance in these stories or it will lose credibility with these stories.

The National Review Editorial has a good response to the controversy pushed by the Post.


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