Dallas's new DA is a black woman Republican inspired by her Democrat dad

Dallas Morning News:
To understand Faith Simmons Johnson, you have to know something about her father.

Benjamin Simmons Sr. had 13 children. He worked a lot of jobs to keep his family fed and clothed. He refused to accept welfare and handouts. He was a lifelong Democrat.

And he is why Dallas’ newly appointed district attorney is a Republican. Johnson says her father, more than anyone else, inspired her values, her worth ethic and her belief that people must be responsible for their own actions and full of determination to succeed.

Johnson tells the family story of how her father once became so desperate for a job that he went door to door in their hometown of Atlanta, asking and asking. But no one was hiring.

Finally, he walked into a business and refused to take "no" for an answer. The owner kept turning down his pleas for work and repeatedly told him to leave.

“My dad saw a broom in the corner, and he went over there and grabbed the broom and just started sweeping,” Johnson said.

The man asked, “What are you doing?”

Her father just kept sweeping.

The man became furious and yelled for him to leave. He threatened to call the cops.

“Even with that, my dad just kept sweeping. And the guy stepped back and said, ‘OK, you got a job,’ ” Johnson said. “That’s where I got tenacity from, hard work. My dad didn’t finish high school but he was my hero because he taught us integrity, hard work.”

Johnson, 66, is expected to take that work ethic into the DA's office after she is sworn in as DA, tentatively set for Dec. 16. Gov. Greg Abbott appointed her to the post after Susan Hawk resigned three months ago. Johnson says she'll run for the office in 2018.
With a story like that, I already like her.  I hope she can turn around the Dallas DA's office which has had its share of problems recently.  This looks like a good appointment by Gov. Abbott.


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