Trump's carrot and stick approach to keep jobs in the US

Washington Post:
Trump threatens 35 percent tariff on U.S. companies that move jobs overseas

In a string of early morning tweets, the president-elect declared that he intends to incentivize businesses to stay in America by lowering corporate taxes and slashing regulations. He also warned of "retributions or consequences" for companies that offshore jobs.
He will need Congress to approve both the carrots and the sticks.  The carrot part is his greatly reduced corporate tax rate and incentives to repatriate overseas earnings for investments in the US.  Only the Democrats who practice government greed oppose that part of the deal.

I find his tariff idea more troubling because American consumers would be the ones paying for it.  It will also negatively effect US companies as foreign countries retaliate with tariffs of their own making it harder to sell goods made in the US.  This could have a negative effect on the Texas economy which is the leading export state in the nation.


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