The blame the Russians meme is about liberals in denial

Erick Erickson:
I don’t want to undermine legitimate concerns about the Russians attempting to influence the American election, and there are serious concerns that need to be investigated, but as the weekend progressed and this morning advanced, it is clearer and clearer that the “Russians stole it” story has more to do with Democrats in denial than anything else.

Democrats, particularly urban progressives and reporters in skinny jeans and plaid and Vox kids, live in such an airtight bubble they don’t know anyone who voted for Trump. Consequently, the only way Trump could have possibly won was by stealing it.

First, they fixated on fake news. But it is more and more obvious the Democrats have their own problems with fake news.

So now they’ve decided the Russians are to blame. Trump could not have possibly won the election except for Russian interference.

This is both an attempt to delegitimize Trump’s election in hopes of undercutting claims of mandate, while also helping Democrats avoid the obvious answer for their loss — their candidate was crap.
There is more.

The urban coastal liberal elites are too out of touch with working class voters and people of faith that they just do not understand how even a terrible candidate like Hillary Clinton did not win.  so that blame "fake news" and when that does not work they blame it on the Russians even though during the campaign the same people said the Wikileaks disclosures were no bigger deal than a post-campaign book.


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