It is a mistake to cave to the anti energy left's on pipeline

NY Times:

Alternate Route for Dakota Pipeline to Be Explored

  • The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe won a major victory in a battle that has become a global flash point for environmental and indigenous activism.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers said that it would not approve permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline at a site that the tribe said would threaten a water source and sacred sites.
This is a political decision by an administration that is on the way out and has little to do with reality.  Pipelines cross water sources all over this country and problems are rare.  The same government that is willing to ignore religious beliefs of those who do not want to bake cakes or participate in a gay wedding is making a religious accommodation for a pipeline that does not touch the Tribe's land.

This will only lead to more of these absurd demonstrations by the "keep it in the ground" left.  The new administration should ignore this precedent in the future.


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