Israeli missile strikes in Syria probably aimed at Iranian missile shipments to Hezballah

The alleged Israeli missile strike on a Damascus airport overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday was probably an attack on weapons being smuggled by Iran's Quds Force to Hezbollah, high quality arms destined for Lebanon, for later use against Israel.

Israel's reported strike probably denied Hezbollah access to game-changing weaponry, but can also be seen as a firm message to the Shi'ite regional axis.

Such a message is designed to shatter any illusion that Iran or Hezbollah can smuggle weapons through Syria with impunity. Russia's air force, and the deployment of advanced Russian surface to air missile batteries in Syria, could have boosted the Shi'ite axis's confidence, and fueled a stepped up smuggling program, triggering the reported strike.

The Lebanese Shi'ite organization Hezbollah has filled hundreds of villages in southern and northern Lebanon with rockets and missiles, amassing over 100,000 projectiles, and all are pointed at Israel.
Hezbollah now seeks to acquire guided missiles with heavy warheads, air defense systems to challenge Israeli fighter jets, and surface to sea guided missiles to target the Israel Navy and offshore Israeli gas drilling rigs in the Mediterranean Sea.

Israeli leaders and defense officials have publicly pledged to move to stop such capabilities from reaching Hezbollah.

The alleged Israeli strike - the second of its kind in a week - is the latest indication that Jerusalem intends to enforce its red lines on regional weapons trafficking, irrespective of the Russian military presence in and around Syria.
There is more.  Much of it is speculation on the intentions of the various forces involved in the Syrian civil war including Hezballah.  It appears that the next Hezballah war with Israel will have greater civilian casualties on both sides.  Hezballah has always targeted civilian areas and is getting new missiles that are apparently more accurate.  Because they are storing these missiles in civilian areas the Israelis will probably respond with attacks on the Hezballah logistics in those areas.


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