Hispanics on the border are not hostile to Trump

Washington Post:
On the border in El Paso, Trump’s appeal with Latinos defies expectations

The president-elect disparaged Mexicans, vowed a crackdown on immigration and promoted building a wall, but thousands of Mexican Americans embraced him for a variety of reasons.
I am not surprised.  I grew up on the border in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  My experience with Hispanics was that they were patriotic Americans who went to war in Vietnam with me.  I did not hear Trump's words about illegal immigration as disparagement of Mexican-American citizens.  Many of these families have roots in Texas that go back hundreds of years.  They fought for independence from Mexico alongside other Texans.

The mistake liberals make is that they look at ethnic groups as tribes rather than Americans.  That is why they might be surprised to see that Americans who have Hispanic heritage have the same concerns of other Americans when it comes to illegal immigration.  There are some Democrat politicians who look at the illegals as potential Democrat voters, but those who are seeing their wages depressed by these laborers have a very different perspective.


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