Democrats do not have a good answer to questions about climate policy

Ed Rogers:
The Democrats’ panic over climate questions speaks volumes++
All the hiding and panic speaks to a government that is out of control. How can it be that people won’t admit they even attended a specific meeting? It’s certainly the first time in my memory that one administration has affirmatively tried to hide their work from the next administration. So exactly what is it the Obama forces are hiding? Why have they gone silent in the face of a simple initial inquiry? There are plenty of safeguards in government to prevent retribution, so that isn’t really what this sudden fear is all about. And, the fact that scientists have “begun a feverish attempt to copy reams of government data onto independent servers” because they are worried about being denied “irreplaceable public data” also seems just a little paranoid and adds to the intrigue.
They act like they have something to hide.  Irrational fear of a request for information is hard to justify.  If they fear being fired because of the information, the failure to produce it should be a firing offense.


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