The Gosnell mob action in Texas

Thomas Crown:
On Tuesday night, a flown-in rent-a-mob screamed, jeered, and overrode ordinary small-r republican governance in Texas in order to make sure that viable children in utero, 20 weeks old and older, could still be killed on their mothers’ say-so. They also opposed efforts to make it so that a woman receiving an abortion did so in a clean medical facility, because a lot of abortionists don’t run those.

They stood with Kermit Gosnell and Douglas Karpen, the doctors who, respectively, are in jail for murdering children of the same age and in horrible sanitary conditions, and likely soon will be. And they were cheered on almost unanimously by print and television media.

Mollie Hemingway has a wonderful writeup on this, but I wanted to add a part. Because you see, we as Americans allow this madness — mobs running over governance, children being butchered — and I feel it is important to explain exactly what is at stake here.

I do this not because it will change a single mind. If you support abortion at 20 weeks and after — when the baby looks like what it is, a baby — then nothing I say will persuade you. I do this because we must bear witness to what we allow to be done, and we pay for the products and services made by those who cheer it on.

This is about the brutal murder of a child, in a way that were it done to a rabbit would end with the killer in prison. It is a murder because the person actually doing it knows he is cutting up another human being and does so without any pang of conscience — with, if you will excuse the phrase, a cold and abandoned heart.
This is a debate that stirs strong emotions on both sides.  But it is up to all of us to engage with civility.  Those who do not forfeit respect for the rule of law.


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