Media hypocrisy watch--Filibuster edition

John Nolte:
In the wake of Sandy Hook, to justify openly pressuring Congress to restrict our Second Amendment gun rights, the national media frequently pointed to polls showing majority public support for laws that would broaden the scope of background checks. When this law failed to overcome a filibuster in the Senate, the media bellyached for weeks about the filibuster and the GOP "obstructionism" that thwarts the will of the people.

This is not a new kind of media attack against the political right. Ever since Obama assumed the presidency, under the guise of reporting, the media have attacked our "do nothing" congress as dysfunctional and incapable of accomplishing anything. According to the media, a legislative body "doing nothing" is a huge problem. As the media push to see millions of Democrats legalized through immigration reform, look for this media narrative to explode at the GOP Congress.

But in reality, we all know that this is wild hypocrisy and that our media see some obstructionists who thwart the will of the people as a lot more equal than others.

Take for instance, State Senator Wendy Davis, the Texas Democrat who is now a full-fledged national Media Dahling after her 11-hour filibuster managed to block the Texas Senate from passing laws that would have outlawed abortion after 20 weeks and made abortion clinics safer.

As I write this, Davis is being hailed all across the national news as a courageous, principled, instant superstar. ABC News, CBS News, The Washington Post… all hailed her obstructionism. Left-wing cable news outlets -- CNN and MSNBC -- were just as gushing; as were the morning news shows.

Anyone familiar with our media knows what the Media Narrative is here -- all about gender politics, "reproductive rights," and any other buzzword that can be utilized to place Wendy Davis astride a white horse, and her political opponents grunting away in that Neanderthal cave known as Texas.
He makes five points about the late term abortion bill that are worth reading in full.  For starters the voters are on the side of Republicans on the issue, not that it matters to liberals.

On another point Nolte does not mention the media and Davis characterized Gov. Perry's remarks as an attack today, but here is what he said:
In fact, even the woman who filibustered the Senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances, the daughter of a single mother and a teenage mother herself. She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve in the Texas Senate. 
It's just unfortunate that she hasn't learned from her own example: that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential; that every life is precious.
That sounds more like a compliment than an attack to me.


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