Say what?

Rolling Stone:
Big Oil's Lies About Alternative Energy
I read the piece and could not find one example of a lie by "Big Oil."  The piece seems upset that oil and gas companies are not investing more in alternative energy, but to my mind that is just a rational business decision because the current state of alternative energy is just too inefficient to ever be profitable and it makes more sense to direct your resources toward activities that will produce profits.

BTW, I am not in any way associated with "Big Oil"  I have never worked for an oil company although I do use their products in my F-150.  Windmills and solar panels just are not practical forms of motor fuel.  The marketplace has rejected electric autos and most people would rather have lower electric rates than buy alternative sources of energy.

I believe the administration is making a mistake by blocking development of more of our oil and gas resources on federal sites.  They are also wasting money investing in alternative energy.  That money should be used for research of alternatives that are more efficient than those currently available.  If these people want us to use less oil and gas, they need to provide better alternatives than are currently available.


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