Ron Paul and the Mullahs

David P. Goldman:
Rep. Ron Paul’s defense of Iran’s nuclear weapons program should surprise no one. The same resentment motivates Ron Paul and the Iranian leadership — a paranoid hostility toward a world that is swiftly changing and has little mercy, and a Millenarian desire to return to a mythical, untroubled past. Get rid of the Federal Reserve, scourge the bankers, return to a gold standard and erect a wall around the United States — and we will return to when? To 1957, when the Russians launched the first space satellite, alerting the United States to the danger that it might lose the Cold War? Then, as always, we prevailed, but by the skin of our teeth. Ron Paul’s program is an American version of the Iranian desire to return to a world of Islamic purity that never existed, any more than did a golden age of American isolationism.
There is much more.

Goldman captures the thinking of both Paul and Iran's current rulers.  I am sure Iran would like to see us withdraw from the region and leave it under their hegemony and control.  But it is hard to see how the world would be a better place if that happened.  It is bad enough having a country ruled by Islamic religious bigots.  It would be worse if they controlled the whole region and destroyed Israel.


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