AlQaeda group admits guilt in Iraq mass murder for Allah

Washington Post:
An al-Qaeda-affiliated group has claimed responsibility for a wave of bombings in Baghdad on Thursday that killed at least 65, saying that it “knows where and when to strike.”
The group, Islamic State of Iraq, issued a communique on jihadist forums Monday, providing details about one of the attacks, a suicide car bombing that targeted an anti-corruption agency headquarters, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, a jihadist monitoring service. The group referred to the bombings as the “Thursday invasion” and said that it was acting against what it called Iraq’s Shiite-controlled government.
A group that had been defeated by US troop is using their departure as an event that allows them to engage in mass murder attacks against Iraqis.  This is another Obama screw up.  By pulling troops too soon Iraq is spiraling into chaos and sectarian violence.


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