Pakistan faces reduced US support

NY Times:
With the United States facing the reality that its broad security partnership with Pakistan is over, American officials are seeking to salvage a more limited counterterrorism alliance that they acknowledge will complicate their ability to launch attacks against extremists and move supplies into Afghanistan.
The United States will be forced to restrict drone strikes, limit the number of its spies and soldiers on the ground and spend more to transport supplies through Pakistan to allied troops in Afghanistan, American and Pakistani officials said. United States aid to Pakistan will also be reduced sharply, they said.
“We’ve closed the chapter on the post-9/11 period,” said a senior United States official, who requested anonymity to avoid antagonizing Pakistani officials. “Pakistan has told us very clearly that they are re-evaluating the entire relationship.”
American officials say that the relationship will endure in some form, but that the contours will not be clear until Pakistan completes its wide-ranging review in the coming weeks.
This is an inevitable result of Obama's policy of attacking the enemy within Pakistan.  It is also the result of Pakistan's failure to defeat the enemy within its own territory.  Obama's policy stripped the mask from Pakistan's double game.  I think as a result Pakistan will find itself more isolated than ever.  It want be quite as stark as it would have been had they not cooperated at all following 9-11, but they will find themselves poorer andmre threatened by their internal Islamic religious bigots.


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