Iran threat makes the case for Keystone XL

Houston Chronicle:
Threats by Iran to cut off the Strait of Hormuz, a vital artery for one-fifth of the world’s oil, have given further ammunition to both sides in the debate over the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.
Iran has reportedly said it would close the strait if the U.S. and other nations impose new sanctions that target the Islamic republic’s oil exports, but The New York Times has reported that the U.S. is working on a plan to keep the strait open if Iran does attempt to block it. The U.S. and some European nations have imposed sanctions against Iran to get the nation to halt its nuclear program.
Keystone XL supporters argue the threats from Iran highlight the need to reduce dependence on Mideast oil and proves the need to approve the TransCanada Corp.’s proposed 1,700-mile Keystone XL. But environmentalists, who have long opposed the project because pollution concerns, say the threats show the need to reduce oil reliance in general, and they argue Keystone’s approval would do nothing to address the cutoff of a key oil-transport route.
The State Department announced earlier this year that it would delay approval of the controversial pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Port Arthur Texas until 2013. Republicans, seeking to force Obama’s hand on the matter, won a provision in a two-month payroll tax cut extension that requires the administration to make a final decision on Keystone XL by February.
Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who has long supported the project, indicated Iran’s threats strengthened his support.
“With Iran threatening to block the Straits of Hormuz, doesn’t the Keystone XL pipeline make even more sense?” he tweeted on Thursday.
Asked by Fox News whether the Iranian pressure would lead Obama to approve the pipeline, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, said: “It should, but he doesn’t always do what’s best for American and American energy.”
The environmental argument makes no sense.  Obama has already proven that alternative energy is not the answer.  It has been a complete bust even with lavish financing by his "stimulus" program.  We would be little better than a stone age economy if we relied on alternative energy as it currently exist.

The pipeline poses less risk of environmental danger than importing oil by tankers.  That is obvious to everyone outside the Big Green movement who look for any excuse to push their anti energy agenda.


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