Brits release two convicted terrorist because of "prison overcrowding"


Two convicted terrorists have been released early under a controversial Government scheme to ease prison over-crowding, ministers have been forced to admit.

One is a radical Muslim cleric - Yassin Nassari, 29 - who was caught trying to smuggle blueprints on how to build a missile into Britain.

The identity of the second terrorist had not been made public but the BBC reported he was Abdul Muneem Patel, who was released from Glen Parva jail in Leicestershire on Jan 7 this year.

Patel, of east London, was jailed for six months at the Old Bailey in October 2007 after a jury found him guilty of having a terrorism-related explosives manual.

The judge said there was no reasonable excuse to have the manual - but added the teenager was not a "radicalised or politicised Islamist".

After news of the early releases became public, Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, was forced to announce emergency measures to prevent the future early release of terrorists.

However Mr Straw was accused of putting Britons in danger following the release of the men before they had served their sentences.


Opposition officials obviously were upset about the releases and castigated the incompetence of the Labor government. I am sure we could have found some room for these guys at Gitmo.

The Guardian is now reporting that the early release practice has now been banned by the government. Why was it ever allowed?


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