A terrorist whiteboard session in Karachi


A London-based British Muslim has told how he was asked by a man alleged to be one of al-Qa'eda's most senior masterminds to carry out a suicide attack on the capital.

The man, who is known by the pseudonym Abu Omar, spoke of being at a terror terror safe house in Karachi, Pakistan, when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is alleged to have been behind the 9/11 attacks on New York, asked him if he would carry out a "martyrdom" operation in Britain.

At what is described in the London Evening Standard as a "brainstorming" session, Mohammed and others also discussed ideas for terror attacks, marking possibilities on a white-board in scenes reminiscent of a boardroom meeting. Suggestions included killing senior army personnel, blowing up a US embassy and assassinating the King of Saudi Arabia, he said.

Omar also describes befriending suspected key Osama bin Laden henchman Ramzi Binalshibh and meeting other Londoners, including a convicted rapist, to discuss terror plans.

Omar, a former Christian who has since denounced violence, said: "He [Mohammed] called me in to his private room and asked me if I would be interested in doing a martyrdom operation.

"I just laughed and said there was no way I could do that so he said I could go.

"Someone had mentioned that he was number three or four in al Qaeda, but I didn't really know that he was such a major figure."


The Daily Mail has more on the interview with the al Qaeda insider. The left that is in denial about the threat from al Qaeda will also be in denial about his testimony, but it is hard to deny the results of KSM's plots even if the kooks still want to blame them on the Jews are the Bush administration. It seems the confessions of guilt are never enough for those looking for an excuse not to fight the enemy.


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