Contrast in immigration enforcement in the UK

Check this story in the Sunday Times:

Hundreds of illegal immigrants – including a suspected murderer and other criminals – are working in care homes in Britain, a leaked Home Office report has disclosed.

In some homes more than half the employees have entered the country illegally and are now being entrusted with caring for old and vulnerable people. The immigration intelligence report found that one illegal worker was a murder suspect from the Philippines and others had been involved in the “abuse and mistreatment” of elderly people.

The report, which was produced more than two years ago, warned that the problems were “widespread” and “significant”. But officials say its findings have been ignored.


But what is not ignored is the wife and stepdaughter of a British citizen who are being threatened with deportation and leaving behind their family.

A mother facing deportation along with her daughter to the United States has been given a court date when immigration officials will consider her appeal.

American citizens Lee-Ann Korpal and daughter Camille Beutler, of Main Street, Wilsden, may be forced to leave behind their British family after the outcome of an immigration hearing in Bradford next month.

The Home Office will use the hearing to present a case to deport the pair.

Mrs Korpal's solicitor will contend she should be allowed to remain living with her husband Nick and their three children in Britain - all of whom have British citizenship.

Mrs Korpal, 38, said: "I'm scared. If they say No' it means we are gone.

"The hearing is two days before Camille's 16th birthday.


There is a photo of Lee-Ann and Camille at the link above. It is hard to imagine a more skewed sense of priorities at the "Home" Office.


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