Anti war NUT teachers in UK oppose recruiters

Daily Mail:

Teachers yesterday vowed to boycott military recruitment activities in schools - claiming they "glamorise" life in the armed forces.

The country's biggest teaching union will also back staff who send in anti-war speakers to give pupils an alternative view.

Despite acute shortages of military personnel, members of the National Union of Teachers voted to launch a campaign of opposition to recruitment visits.

They said their aim was to deepen the manpower crisis and force the return of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their stand will heighten concern over the indifference or hostility displayed by parts of society towards the armed forces.

It follows the revelation earlier this month that RAF personnel have been banned from wearing their uniforms in public in Peterborough, after a string of abusive incidents.

At their annual conference in Manchester, NUT members lined up to claim military recruitment literature and campaigns were "misleading" and downplayed the realities of a career in the Forces.


Schools who permit this kind of unpatriotic conduct should lose their public funding. The teachers who engage in this kind of conduct during work hours should be fired. Anyone who takes such a stand is obviously too ignorant to be a teacher.


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