Uk arrests homeowner for burglars fall

Daily Mail:

A homeowner was arrested after a burglar plunged from the balcony of his top-floor flat.

The intruder suffered head injuries and is fighting for his life after falling around 30ft on to a concrete path.

Later police arrested the owner and are investigating whether the intruder was pushed.

The incident happened early on Monday when Patrick Walsh, 56, awoke to find the 43-year-old man rifling through his flat.

They argued and the confrontation moved towards the rear window of the flat.

It is believed the intruder then smashed the window and clambered out on to a narrow ledge and fell to the ground.

Mr Walsh phoned police and at around 6.30am officers found the man on the ground outside the smart Victorian apartment block in Chorlton-cum-Hardy,

He was taken to hospital with serious head injuries.

Officers arrested Mr Walsh on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and are trying to establish whether the intruder was forced out of the window.

The arrest is expected to fuel arguments about the rights of householders to defend themselves against burglars.


Another resident said: "I presume we will have to respect the burglar's rights while his victim has the nightmare of court hanging over his head. It all seems so unfair."

This is an outrage against justice. It says a lot about what is wrong with the criminal justice system in the UK and why their crime rate is so much higher than that of the US. There is no real sense of deterrent. In Texas the legislature recently passed a law which took away any requirement of retreat if you discover an intruder in your home and you may use deadly force to stop him. Of course, we do not have many four story flats to push a burglar out of. I am of the opinion that anyone who breaks and enters into your home has no rights.

In this case a rat chewed through a womans pipes causing an explosion which killed her. Otherwise she might have been charged with killing the rat.


  1. It is ridiculous that the victim of the crime has now become the accused. And we wonder what is wrong with our world?


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