UN post used by Hezballah as human shields

Jerusalem Post:

Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, a Canadian UNTSO peacekeeper killed in Lebanon overnight Tuesday by an IAF missile strike on his post, wrote in an email to his former commander in the Canadian army six days before he was killed that Hizbullah was using the UN post as a human shield.

Kruedener added in the email that IAF strikes near the UN post prior to his death were "necessary" and that the IDF fire was not intentionally targeting the post.

Maj.-Gen. Louis Mackenzie, Kruedener's ex-commander, told a Canadian radio station about the email letter in an interview.

Kruedener's wife demanded Thursday to know why IAF missiles struck the UN site where her husband was stationed, despite repeated pleas by observers there to halt the firing.


Perhaps she should read his email for the answer. This is a further illustration of Kofi Annan's inverted moral compass on the incident where the UN observer force was killed. He should be b lasting Hezballah for their war crime instead of laming Israel for dending itself. When UN officials talk about the lack of respect for their organization in the US, they should not blame bloggers or Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. They should blame themselves.


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