Buying in to Hezballah's victim offensive

Robert Fisk gives full throated support to the Hezballah victim offensive, asking "How can we stand by and allow this to go on?" This from the guy who said he deserved to be beaten up by Muslims angry about the US toppling of the Taliban.


You must have a heart of stone not to feel the outrage that those of us watching this experienced yesterday. This slaughter was an obscenity, an atrocity ­ yes, if the Israeli air force truly bombs with the " pinpoint accuracy'' it claims, this was also a war crime. Israel claimed that missiles had been fired by Hizbollah gunmen from the south Lebanese town of Qana ­ as if that justified this massacre. Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, talked about "Muslim terror" threatening " western civilisation" ­ as if the Hizbollah had killed all these poor people.

You have to have a head of stone to come to the conclusion that Fisk does. The war crime is clearly that of Hezballah using civilians as himan shields. The Geneva Conventions clearly prohibit Hezballah's conductg that resulted in these deaths, not Israel. Fisk is pretty good at making up his own war crimes and acting as judge and jury, but when it comes to reality, never mind. There is also an open question as to whether Israel actually caused the casualties since there is an eight hour gap between the bombing and when the building exploded. It reminds me of the Hamas beach picnic "shelling" a few weeks ago that turned out to be an explosion by Hamas that killed the Palestinians. These staged victim events are part of the wicked way the Islamist make war. We need to find a way to deal with these victim offensives and refute the victim enablers like Fisk with his head of stone.

I have not seen Fisk get this exercised about the enemy in Iraq's war against non combatants that has killed for more on purpose than Israel may have by accident. But then he is always inconsistent when it comes to his selected victims. Fisk would be the first to blame al Qaeda's war crimes on the US.

Update: James Lewis talks about who killed the children of Qana. He makes the case for holding Hezballah responsible.

Update II: Confederate Yankee raises questions about the photos of Qana victims. Isrealinsider also raises questions about whether the demo was staged.


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