Democrats show why they should not be trusted on Bolton nomination

NY Times:

The second Senate confirmation hearing for John R. Bolton, who became ambassador to the United Nations under a recess appointment, played out Thursday like a summertime movie sequel.

The plot was familiar, although one major character switched sides. There was a little snappy dialogue, a fresh conflict to debate, but not that much action. And it ended, after three and a half hours, without any resolution of the central question: Will Mr. Bolton receive formal confirmation from the Senate this time? So the audience must return yet again to see how it all turns out.

Mr. Bolton came under attack from Democratic senators — led by Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and Russell D. Feingold of Wisconsin — who accused the ambassador of being ineffective at the United Nations, of having bullied an intelligence analyst and of abusing his authority by seeking names of Americans whose conversations were captured in eavesdropping operations.


This opposition is disgusting and disengenious. Bolten has done a good job of standing up for America and trying to clean up the mess in the UN. Both os those things seem to bother the Democrats who oppose him. they are bringing up things that are not only unproven, but of no merit. They seem to be looking for a whimp for the job.


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