Israel moves to the bug hunt phase of warfare



Israel is now largely in the tactical targeting phase of their effects based operation, although strategic and operational missions still continue. We witnessed the strategic ops phase as Israel blockaded the Lebanon coast, bombed the airport and roads, and struck at Hezbollah leadership. We witnessed the operational phase as Israel shifted focus towards Hezbollah gun and rocket emplacements (enemy units in enemyheld territory). And now we are seeing Israel's use of ground forces in the tactical -- the "bug hunt"-- phase of their plan, as the IDF roots out enemy fighters from the battlespace.

John at Opfor says Israel is engaged in Parallel Warfare. "The IAF hit nodes of communication, transportation, leadership, and industries, executing a parallel attack against each enemy target system, climbing down the ladder from strategic targets, to operational targets, and finally to tactical targets." Perhaps there is someone who can explain Israel's strategy.


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