Reasons to destroy Hezballah

Mitchell Bard:


Besides the broader strategic goals of increasing stability, defeating Islamic fundamentalism and weakening the influence of Iran and Syria, the United States also had another reason to take on Hezbollah -- that is, to eliminate a terrorist group that had kidnaped and murdered hundreds of Americans. For those who may have forgotten, here is a partial list of Hezbollah's acts of war against the United States:
1982-1988 -- Hezbollah held David Dodge, acting president of the American University in Beirut, captive for a year; kidnaped and murdered Malcolm Kerr, a Lebanese-born American who was president of the American University of Beirut; abducted Jeremy Levin, Beirut bureau chief of CNN, who later escaped; held Rev. Benjamin Weir for 16 months; seized diplomat William Buckley and he was never heard from again; kidnaped Frank Reed, director of the American University in Beirut, and held him 44 months; held Joseph Cicippio, the acting comptroller at the American University in Beirut, for five years; and abducted and murdered Col. William Higgins, the American chief of the United Nations Truce Supervisory Organization.
April 18, 1983 -- A truck-bomb exploded in front of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing 63 employees, including the CIA's Middle East director, and wounding 120.
Oct. 23, 1983 -- A truck loaded with a bomb crashed into the lobby of the U.S. Marines headquarters in Beirut, killing 241 soldiers and wounding 81.
April 12, 1984 -- Hezbollah bombed a restaurant near a U.S. Air Force base in Torrejon, Spain, killing 18 servicemen and wounding 83 people.
September 20, 1984 -- A suicide bomb attack on the U.S. Embassy in East Beirut killed 23 people and injured 21.
December 4, 1984 -- Hezbollah terrorists hijacked a Kuwait Airlines plane and murdered American passengers Charles Hegna and William Stanford.
June 14, 1985 -- Hezbollah members hijacked a TWA flight and murdered Robert Stethem, a U.S. Navy diver.
Most of these attacks were some time ago, so the United States is long overdue in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

I would say that Hezballah deserves every bit of what Israel is giving it and more. If Lebanon chooses to embrace Hezballah it will lead to further destruction for that country.


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