New strategy on halting transfer of WMD

Bill Gertz:

The Pentagon's latest four-year strategy report calls for setting up a special military task force to prevent weapons of mass destruction from being transferred to terrorist groups, The Washington Times has learned.
The task force will employ special operations forces, other troops and intelligence personnel to prevent states such as North Korea and Iran from supplying nuclear, chemical and biological weapons to terror groups.
The call for the new unit, which would have several hundred troops along with aircraft and other arms, comes as tensions heighten over North Korea's nuclear program and Iran's refusal to abide by international controls on its uranium-enrichment program.
The proposal is contained in the report of the legally mandated Quadrennial Defense Review. The report will be sent to Congress on Feb. 6, but portions of an unclassified summary were made available to The Times.


"The United States will have increased efforts to locate, track and tag shipments of WMD," the report said. One key recommendation of the report is that "there shall be a joint task force for the elimination of WMD," the report said.
A core element of the new joint task force will be the Army's 20th Support Command, which will become a rapid deployment unit "to command and control WMD elimination missions by 2007," the report stated.

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