India builds a fence to stop illegal immigration


India is constructing a fence along its entire border with Bangladesh in an attempt to keep out tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. But the fence project has been bad news for many living along the border.

Lt Col Lutfur Rahman was worried about my safety.

For the Bangladesh Rifles, guarding the border between two ostensibly friendly neighbours is no ceremonial duty.

Around 25,000 men are fanned out along the frontier on the Bangladeshi side, and they speak of the Indian Border Security Force as if it were an enemy.


It was made of wire, 12 feet (3.6m) high, and stretched out in a straight line across the fields to the horizon.


Along much of the route India is keeping the fence well back inside its territory.

But it must run through wetlands, jungle and hills, as well as heavily populated areas.

And in some places the accord is being violated, complains Bangladesh.

India is well on the way to finishing this massive project.

The border is 2,500 miles (4,000km) long.

India's parliament has been told work to seal it will be completed by the end of this year.

There will be floating observation posts in the region's many rivers.

The aim is to stop illegal migration - Delhi has claimed there are 20 million Bangladeshis in India illegally.


There is much more about this attempt to stop migration of those looking for better opportunities. In some ways it is similar to the migration from Mexico and the solutionappears similar to what many have proposed in the US. What these fences may do is control the migration by getting a handle on the new comers and their status after migration. It is also a way to enforce the rule of law on immigration.


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