It is time to cut off support for Palestinian terrorist

Dick Morris:

THE Palestinian people have delivered a resounding vote against peace —calling , in their election, for a continuation of the savage and sanguinary war against Israel. This sharp reversal in the peace process should not go without a vigorous response from Washington.

President Bush is correct to cut off all dealings with the Palestinian Authority until Hamas renounces and reins in its campaign of terror against Israel. But the United States should go futher and cut off all direct and indirect assistance to the PA or to Palestinian refugee groups until Hamas makes the requisite declarations.

The U.S. taxpayer is the foremost financial supporter of the Palestinian community, now set to come under Hamas management. Last year, America gave $81 million directly to Palestinians in Gaza and on the West Bank and was responsible for a considerable share of the almost $1 billion in aid to the PA from the United Nations and its relief organizations.

The United States should:

1) Cut off all direct subsidy of the Palestinian refugee population or its political or charitable organs.

2) Demand that the United Nations follow suit.

3) Immediately suspend all payments to the United Nations until it does so.


The world has been subsidizing Palestinian terror for over 50 years. It is time to stop. It is time for Palestinians to have to get a real job. If they are forced to work to survive they will not have as much time to plan and execute their war against Israel and the west.


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