Getting things off your chest in Katrina support effort

The Lumberjack Online:

Next time you’re working late in the computer lab and catch an eyeful of nudity on your neighbor’s monitor don’t be too quick to deem them a degenerate pervert, they might just be engaged in an act of philanthropy.

For HSU senior Mike Eakin philanthropy started shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck when he and his friends were chatting on an online message board.

“We were all just sitting around and saying ‘Wow I wish there was something that I could do,’” he said. “Then somebody came out with the idea, ‘Let’s get people to donate naked pictures of themselves and then put them online and make people donate money to see them.’”

That comment, which Eakin said started out as a joke, spawned a Web site which has been up and running for about 17 days and has raised more than $24,000 for Hurricane Katrina relief.

The site, is asking men and women to donate pictures of their chests. In order to view the pictures visitors must donate $5 or more to one of five major Katrina-relief funds.

Donations are made directly to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, Habitat for Humanity, Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation, the Red Cross, or the US Humane Society. After making a donation, people forward the donation’s e-mail receipt to Eakin and friends who then send back a password which can be used to enter the galleries.



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