Self indulgent orgies

Thomas Sowell:

The enraged speeches and street disorders across the country that accompanied the second Inauguration of President Bush may tell us more than we want to know about what is happening to this country.
The media dignify these outbursts by calling them "protests." But what are they protesting?
That they lost the election? Doesn't somebody always lose an election? Did the Republicans take to the streets when Bill Clinton was elected?
Are the shouters and the rioters protesting that they disagree with Mr. Bush's policies? Isn't that why we hold elections in the first place — because people disagree?
Elections are supposed to be an alternative to other ways of settling political differences, including riots, military coups and dictatorships. But riots have been rechristened "demonstrations" by the mealy-mouth media.
What are these "demonstrations" demonstrating — other than adolescent self-indulgence and contempt for the rights of other people to go about their lives without finding their streets clogged with hooligans and the air filled with obscenities?
Ironically, many of those indulging in these strident orgies are the same ones who told us to "get over it" and "move on" during Bill Clinton's scandals. Today the liberal is the last place where people are willing to move on.


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