Media backing the cowards in Iraq

Jay Bryant:

The Western media in pre-election Iraq, Peter Jennings for example, are doing all they can to aid and abet Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's call for the Iraqi people to stay away from the polls on Sunday. Fortunately for Iraq and the world, there's not much either of them can do.

Jennings, after all, is hardly a household word in Baghdad, and Zarqawi's latest rhetorical rant has placed him in clear opposition not just to the American occupation of Iraq, but the Iraqi people as well.

After all, the quickest and surest way to get the Americans out of the country is for an elected government to take over. We don't even care much if it is a particularly pro-American government, just as long as it takes the country out of the Axis of Evil.

Jennings, et al, are using long faces and pretending to much sorrow as they discuss how unlikely it is that very many Iraqis will bother to vote. Given a choice between interviewing a man-in-the-souk who has been terrorized into staying home on Sunday and one who is ready to defy the dangers, they'll choose the first every time.

This is taking Bush-hatred to new extremes. It's one thing to cook the journalistic books before the (US) elections in an attempt to influence the outcome. We're used to that. But to try to throw a wet blanket on the Iraqi elections is to explicitly side with the beheaders, the car-bombers, and those who, like Zarqawi, will stop at nothing to destroy the "evil principle" of democracy. That is the clear subtext of what is coming out over the airwaves from Iraq.

The media did this in Vietnam too, but there was a difference. Leftist reporters (that is, most reporters) actually believed to some degree in Ho Chi Minh, actually thought Vietnam would be better off under his leadership than that of the South Vietnam leaders on our side. No such ideological commitment motivates the bias in reporting from Iraq today.

The bias is motivated by opposition to the way the Bush administration is fighting the war. It is just not the liberal way, and they would rather lose than fight it this way.


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