Liberal Racism

Right Intentions via LGF:


Colbert, I am also a Black man. And it's about time we stop dancing around the issue. The evidence is piling up and the answer is obvious. Liberals are racist, too.

Over the last few years, I've become quite disappointed with the Democratic party on a number of fronts. I believe the party is too reactionary and offers up no ideas of its own. They more or less just oppose whatever the Republicans want to do. I believe the party is too soft on national defense, and is more worried about opinion polls in France than defending the country. I believe that the Democrats are more worried about pleasing certain special interest groups than implementing worthwhile ideas (teacher's unions vs. school vouchers). And so forth.

But nothing has surprised or saddened me more than to see the overt racism from the left.


But I was gratified to hear the Democratic leadership loudly condemn these people and say there is no place for this in the party. Didn't hear the Democrats do that, you say? Neither did I. I guess since these attacks were aimed at a Black Republican it was okay.


But it's not all bad. If you're Black and a Democrat, then you are lionized. Take the case of Barack Obama, freshly minted Senator and keynote speaker at last year's Democratic convention. He hasn't really done anything yet, but he's already being touted as a future Presidential candidate.

Look, Obama is an impressive individual with great credentials. And I hope he develops into Presidential material. But I think it's a little early to give this much adulation to someone who lost a Congressional race in 2000 in Illinois as a Democrat. How difficult is that?


But Democrats need Blacks to vote for them in disproportionate numbers or else they will lose elections. So to the ones who don't stray from the "plantation", the Democratic strategy is to just keep us riled up during election season, with disingenuous commercials and bogus claims of disenfranchisement.

And then after the election, we are more or less ignored. But then, like clockwork, every two years Democrats try to elicit a Pavlovian response with these tactics to ensure voting loyalty.

So here's what I think, based on what I've observed over the last few years. Democrats do not hold the moral high ground over Republicans on racism. For the most part, you do not hear the racist bile spewed from high profile Republicans that you hear from Democrats. Even if Republicans believe these things, they do not say it out loud. On the other hand, when Democrats make racist statements, there is no criticism from fellow Democrats. The silence is deafening. It's more than hypocrisy; it's a fundamental lack of respect. And it makes the Democratic cry of "Racism!" when an unapproved person makes a remark look like little more than public posturing for a voting block they can ill afford to lose.

Democrats and Blacks would be wise to listen to what this man has to say. Read the whole piece. He list many of the racist statements and pieces by liberals as well as other examples of liberal hypocracy, some of which we have noted here before.


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