The politics of fraud

Some liberals are already asking if conservatives will be as angry if Kerry wins as liberals are with George Bush. Based on Kerry's current campaign, the answer would probably be yes. The rank dishonesty combined with pompous arrogance is enough to anger anyone who wants to see an honest debate on the issues. Kerry's assertion that Bush mislead the country into war is patently false. To mislead you have to know the facts are "x" and say they are "y." Since President Bush was saying the same thing that President Clinton said and John Kerry said about Saddam's WMD you would have to conclude that Kerry was either trying to mislead the country into war too or he is trying to mislead the country about Bush now.

This whole "Bush lied" nonsense is leftest fantasy disguised as argument. It is mainly pushed by people who also believed that Saddam had WMD and they still did not want to liberate Iraq. Their logic now, is that had everyone known the stock piles would not be discovered yet then their original arguments against liberation would have prevailed. They are wrong. There were many valid reasons for liberating Iraq and removing Saddam. For some reason the antiwar pukes seem to think that the US should be limited to picking just one reason. What cannot reasonably be disputed is that Saddam was not in compliance with his obligations under the 91 cease fire agreement. For all those multilateralist, there was even a unanimous UN resolution stating that he was not in compliance. One reason Saddam was not in compliance was because he could not account for tons of WMD that had previously been declared by his government. The facts are that even now we still cannot account for the previously declared WMD.

If the reason we cannot account for the WMD is because Saddam's previous declaration was false, then he is an idiot who got what he deserved. If we cannot account for the previously declared WMD because it has been hidden, that is a very serious matter, which the anti war pukes are not taking seriously.

In the days ahead we will be discussing other aspects of the Politics of fraud as practiced by Kerry


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