Marines nail bad guys in Ramadi

Washington Post:

Military officials said Thursday that U.S. Marines had killed 25 insurgents and captured 25 more in heavy fighting in the western city of Ramadi on Wednesday, and Iraqi police said they had arrested more than 200 people in an overnight raid in Baghdad conducted with U.S. soldiers on a street frequented by criminal gangs and anti-American forces.


The Marines initially fought about eight to 10 insurgents, according to a Marine statement. That battle grew into one involving as many as 100 insurgents. The Marines called for backup firepower and air support. During the skirmish, the Americans discovered and detonated two more roadside bombs, which insurgents have used to deadly effect against U.S., Iraqi and other security forces. The Marines also confiscated four rocket-propelled grenade launchers, a homemade rocket launcher and two antitank mines, the statement said.
Iraq needs more of this kind of action to destroy the insurgency. The Marines should be turned loose in Faluja again. Cleaning out these two nest of insurgents would be a big step towrd wrapping up this war.


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