Legacy of the Philippens capitulation


Iraq's Prime Minster Iyad Allawi urged Egypt on Saturday not to give in to kidnappers who have taken an Egyptian diplomat hostage in Baghdad.

"The only way to deal with terrorists is to bring them to justice and to close ranks and we hope that Egypt and the Egyptian government would act accordingly," Allawi told a news conference in the Syrian capital, Damascus.


A day after Qutb's kidnapping, gunmen snatched the head of an Iraqi government-owned construction company in a brazen daylight attack in Baghdad on Saturday, suggesting insurgents were growing bolder, particularly since kidnappers scored a stunning victory by getting the Philippines to withdraw its troops to save the life of a Filipino truck driver they were holding.

Allawi criticized the Philippines decision to pull out its 51 troops a month early in response to militants' demands and sparing the life of a Filipino hostage.

"It was regrettable ... it's no way really to give in to the terrorists' demands," he said.


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