Wilderness years bind Dems

William Safire:

If anything can concentrate the mind of Democratic partisans, it is four interminable years suffering Republican leadership in the House, Senate and White House - the political equivalent of service in the Siberian gulag.

As a result, Democrats are assembling in Beantown for their most argument-free out-of-power convention in memory. Deeply rooted policy differences and personality clashes that provided all the excitement of lusty, newsworthy Democratic conventions past - and that surely exist today - have been submerged in the fervent desire of the Outs to Get Back In. The driving ideology is In-ism.

That's why we see business executives strolling across the Commons arm in arm with the trial lawyers who are driving them out of business. And why Deaniacs are silently swallowing the new Kerry deference toward the principle of pre-emptive war. And why Clinton welfare reformers are willing to abandon hope of a Hillary Restoration next time around.

Desperation for power requires desperate means, even getting along with other people as long as they are not Republicans.


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