Passinate about the Passion

David Horowitz:


"Contrary to Mr. Turan, The Passion does not blame the Jews for Christ's death. The priest Caiaphas and his sect do not speak for the Jews. As the film makes clear Jesus and Mary and their followers were Jews. If the Jew Caiaphas condemns Christ, the Jew Simon carries his cross (a fact that none of these detractors even mentions). But for me the most revealing statement is Turan's claim that the film is 'inaccessible for all but the devout.' I am a Jew by tribe and an agnostic by faith. I was profoundly moved by this film -- moved to tears. This is an artistic vision of the Gospels through the eyes of a 20th Century artist. The violence in the film is perfectly appropriate for the times we have lived through. The problem that Turan and reviewers like him have is that they are so blinded by their arrogant contempt for religious views (not Islamic fundamentalism of course -- to which they are hypersensitive in their concern) that they are incapable of the minimal empathy required to appreciate powerful works of art -- and religious visions -- like this."


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