"Not only was she a girl, she was terrible, okay? She couldn't kick the ball through the uprights."

Colorado football coach Gary Barnett said in response to a question from a reporter who as asking about allegations that the girl was raped. Barnett later claimed that his comments were taken out of context, but in watching the interview it is clear that Barnett's response was a nonsequeter to a pretty straight forward question about whether someone was raped by one of his players. Does this guy really think that because she was a girl and not a good kicker its alright to abuse and sexual assualt her? Is he suggesting that if she were a guy and a pretty good kicker aand was sexually assualted by another player then there may be a problem?

This story is tied to other allegations of sexual assualt by players and the use of sex as a recruiting tool at the University of Colorado. People will probably be paying more attention to where the Buffalos roam for a while.


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