David Warren:


"Yet Haiti is still a victim of 'abroad.' Lionized as the seat of the world's first independent black state, after one of history's most memorable slave rebellions, Haiti has been celebrated, patronized, and excused for two full centuries. It has a history of false dawns, and great expectations, and unbelievable tyranny. Through which, it would appear, no real progress has ever been made in creating a people who are susceptible to self-government.

"The spontaneous, wild looting that has followed the progress of the rebellion from Cap-Haitien to Gonaives to Saint-Marc to the docks of Port-au-Prince provide the hard facts. The country is the victim of that reverse racism, which refuses to demand that an 'oppressed people' behave reasonably, even under duress, and instead blames outsiders for all their problems."

They desperately need a colonial administratoror.


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