Brit Sec. of State for Trade hits Kerry, Edwards

The Independent:

"Patricia Hewitt delivered a blistering attack last night on the two Democratic candidates for the US presidential nomination, accusing them of vying with one another in their 'protectionist rhetoric.'

"In a speech laced with digs at America over its attitude towards free trade, the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry took John Kerry and John Edwards to task for pandering to the protectionist lobby.


"Now the battleground had become 'offshoring' - the movement of jobs to countries where labour costs were cheaper. Britain, she said, had rejected protectionism as the answer at every level - from government through to employers and unions. 'But it's not the same in the United States. There, every night, television newsreaders vilify business leaders who are investing abroad. The presidential economic adviser who dares to speak the truth on globalisation is threatened with redundancy by Republican members of Congress.'

"The news stations are taking their cue from the politicians. Senator Kerry has attacked what he calls the 'Benedict Arnold companies taking jobs and shipping them overseas' - a reference to the US patriot who turned traitor by swapping sides to the British during the American war of independence."

Imagine, media bias in favor of the Democrats is so obvious that Labor Party minister from Britian can see it.


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